Storage Contract

Vehicle Storage 18

Please click the link above for a copy of the Timtana Motorsports Storage Contract:


We have 2 levels of storage access and non-access.  Access storage allows you to pick up your vehicle Monday through Friday 8AM to 3PM. A minimum of an hour notice is required to pick up your vehicle.  Non-access storage does not allow for removal of the vehicle unless you are concluding your contract.  A battery tender is provided for each vehicle stored here regardless of storage level.  A security system protects each level via alarm and video monitoring.  Each level is also in a temperature controlled environment with heat and A/C. Both sections are also protected by a fire sprinkler system.

The contract period regardless of type is a minimum of 6 months and then you can remove your vehicle at any time.   A 5-day notice is required when making an appointment to remove your vehicle from non-access.

The billing cycle is quarterly.  Non-access storage is $80 per month and access is $110 per month before taxes.  A rate of 10.1% will be assessed on all dues for vehicle storage staring on January 1st 2018 per Washington State.   A military discount is available to active duty and retired service members with valid ID.  So your first payment will be for the first 3 months and then on the date of renewal or shortly after your card will be charged for the next 3 months.  This will be done continuously until you choose to end the contract and remove your vehicle.

Drop off and pick up times are Monday thru Friday from 8AM to 3PM.  Please let us know if you have any further questions.